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Ever wanted to walk through the mountains of New Zealand, or trek in Peru? Or what about the walking the Read More


Looking to start or planning an overseas trip, Rob can deliver specific ski training to make your experience more enjoyable Read More

Stand Up Paddle

Improve your fitness by paddling on Pittwater, or Narrabeen Lake, or even out in the ocean? - Click through: Rob was Read More


Do you or your children need fitness training for Sailing? Rob’s been racing dinghies and yachts since 8 yrs old. Read More


Ever wanted to try Rock Climbing or do you climb already and want to improve? Click through - Rob has been Read More
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Fitness training is personal

We are all individual and have our own way we like to train. Whether it is training at a gym, in front of a mirror, running by yourself on a deserted beach, being part of a large group, or being trained by a skilled Personal Trainer, we can all have our individual preference and style that works.

We all want to be healthy…  We all know that exercise helps to: Control weight, Combat bad health conditions and diseases, Improves your mood, Boosts your energy and helps you sleep better, just to name a few of the benefits.

So if you are after training that focuses on YOU,  Training that is individual and geared to you PERSONALLY, With either a specific sport or task in mind, weight loss or general fitness, let Rob at 121Personal Training help you.

He has been a Master Personal Trainer for over 13 years and heavily involved in sport fitness all his life.

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More About 121pt Personal training

  • image Personal training with all the equipment you will need to achieve any of your fitness goals. So now, you can train outdoors, or in the Personal Studio with all the attention and focus on YOU.

    NEW FITNESS STUDIO located at Belrose!

  • image Push Ups are a form of weight bearing exercises that help to increase muscle mass. Anaerobic activity to increase Muscle mass helps you to lose weight by burning fat for 24 hours. Where low intensity walking only burns fat for the period that you are walking.

    Push Ups VS Walking!

  • image Stretching is a vital part of any good fitness plan. I always incorporate stretching at the end of all training sessions to help reduce injury, reduce muscle fatigue, and increase circulation to reduce muscle soreness.


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