Ever wanted to walk through the mountains of New Zealand, or trek in Peru? Or what about the walking the 10 highest peaks in Australia - Click through to Rob has trekked through NSW, Tasmania, New Zealand, with plans to hit Nepal.  Not only can he give fitness advice and training specific to hiking, he has extensive experience with the latest equipment requirements for you adventure.




Looking to start or planning an overseas trip, Rob can deliver specific ski training to make your experience more enjoyable as well as reducing the risk of injury. Click through - Coming originally from Canada, Rob has been skiing since 3 yrs old and continues to ski regularly on the slopes and Back Country in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.



Stand Up Paddle

Improve your fitness by paddling on Pittwater, or Narrabeen Lake, or even out in the ocean? - Click through:  Rob was an ‘early adopter’ to the SUP scene when it was first introduced to Australia 10 years ago.  He has all the equipment you will need whether training on flat water or out in the surf.




Do you or your children need fitness training for Sailing?   Rob’s been racing dinghies and yachts since 8 yrs old. Click through - Rob has competed on a world class level in Lasers, Hobie 16, Etchells,  America’s Cup and many other classes.  Again, he can provide fitness training and specific sailing instruction to help you our you children improve their sailing performance.




Ever wanted to try Rock Climbing or do you climb already and want to improve?  Click through - Rob has been Indoor and Outdoor rock climbing for over 15 years.  Deciding he enjoyed the sport so much, he progressed to ‘lead climbing’, then ‘Trad’ climbing, and recently ‘Ice Climbing’.  So, if you need specific strength training, or are looking to improve your skills and technique, Rob can help you to get in to the sport and make it a fun experience.

121pt gym logo

New fitness studio, located at Belrose

Personal training with all the equipment you will need to achieve any of your fitness goals.
So now, you can train outdoors, or in the Personal Studio with all the attention and focus on YOU.


Rob is passionate about Fitness and sharing his experience with clients and friends so they too can enjoy all the benefits of getting and being fit.  His passion extends to many sports, but right now his main interests are Hiking / Mountaineering, Stand Up Paddling,  Sailing and Rock Climbing.  Not only is he happy to help you with you fitness improvements, but let Rob help you to expand your horizons by trying some new sports/adventures and lifestyles!

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